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Re: [SLE] Linux and hardware mp3 players
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 10:15:33 -0700
  • Message-id: <200502081015.33550.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Make sure it support being a USB harddrive. That *should* make it Linux
compatible. I have seen some players that act like a HD, but only for
storage, not transferring mp3's.

I have an MPIO 128MB that I got for < $99. It is supposed to have an upgrade
for USB harddrive firmware, but I haven't updated it yet.

The reason I got it was primarily for my guitar lessons.

At the end of a lesson, my teacher would play what I'm supposed to learn to a
cassette recorder. Than I would bring home the cassette, play it to my
computer, convert to MP3 or standard CD. Then either use the computer or CD
walkman to listen/practice/listen/practice.

The beauty of this MPIO is that it has built in voice recording, line-in
recording and an FM radio that can also be recorded.

Then, it allows my to set start and stop points and can loop between those.
Then, it can slow down the tempo without changing pitch.

So now when I take a lesson, I simply press record and he plays and I have it
right there ready to go. (it is a neckless device).



On Tuesday 08 February 2005 06:39 am, Gerhard den Hollander wrote:
> Im looking for a hardware mp3 player that's supported under linux:
> my main requirements are:
> cheap (<$100/Euro 100)
> at least 2 hours playing time (256M or more)
> **LINUX SUPPORT** (even if it's just mount as massstorage
> device and drop the mp3s on it)
> Ideally self-charging (as in, stick it in the USB slot and it
> will recharge itself)
> Any recommendations ?
> Apples iStick / iShuffle sounds like it would fit the bill but
> 1) i'm not sure if it can be used from within linux
> 2) it has a one second gap between tracks
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