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Re: [SLE] strange problem with items not showing up on desktop
  • From: James Wright <jwright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 17:37:38 -0800
  • Message-id: <42096962.1010903@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I also have this problem. Rather than re-start your session for your desktop item to appear, you can right-click to create a new folder. Then your new file(s) will appear. This does not fix the problem, which I too would like a solution to, but is better than re-starting you session.

Gil Weber wrote:

Hi, all.

Recently did a clean install of 9.2. Having a problem that I was not having
when using 9.1.

In the past when I saved an attached file from an e-mail to my desktop it used
to appear on my desktop immediately. I could then click on the file and open
the attachment (for example, a .pdf file). Now when I save a file to the
desktop it does not appear unless I go through the following steps. If someone
can tell me how to eliminate the need to jump through these hoops I'd be most

1) I save (extract) the attached file to my desktop (but it does not appear

2) I open my home directory (using Konqueror) and go to /home/gil/Desktop. But it's not there either. However, if I click on the "refresh" button at the
top of Konqi then the file I just saved does appear in /home/gil/Desktop.

OK, so this confirms that the save did take place. But it's annoying to have to
open the home directory and then to have to click refresh every time I save a

However, that still does not get the file to appear on my desktop.

3) I can right click on the desktop and then click "refresh Desktop." I would
have thought this would work, but it does not. The file still is not showing on
the desktop. So.....

4) I have to log out of SuSE (right click on desktop, then "end current
session") and restart the system. Then and only then does the saved file appear
on my desktop.

Obviously this is a big pain in the butt.

What's going on? Why when I use 9.2 can't I immediately see the file I save
onto the desktop -- without having to go through all of this? It always worked
with 9.1.

Is there something in a configuration screen that I've mistakenly checked (or
not checked)?

Thanks for helping me with this **very** frustrating problem.


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