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Re: [Fwd: [SLE] the directory "proc"] --Why I use Windows
  • From: Ted Hilts <thilts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 15:14:46 -0700
  • Message-id: <420A8B56.8080004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You are correct, it is an "in progress" transition that is very hard to accomplish. As an example, I use a (windows only) web authoring tool called HotMetal Pro V6 on 3 MS XP machines and 1 Win95 machine. It was the last version of this web authoring tool some 2 years ago. It is a true and easy to use WYSIWYG web authoring tool with advanced features. I have been looking, as time permits for a reasonably close product for Linux and failing that for Windows but in these 2 years have found nothing so far that even comes close. I am currently looking at a Linux web authoring tool that comes with the SuSE distribution. I use many other software tools that even several years old still out perform what I can find on Linux. I encourage vendors towards a Linux solution and they ignore me.
I like SuSe. You have no reason to be hostile with me about the fact that my email is Netscape based. I use Netscape on Windows because it is all I know but I am investigating using Mozilla mail on Linux and simply have not had the time. I don't know everything about everything. My work requires research and knowledge in many fields of many things leaving me little time to become a 100% Linux guru. Computers and sofware products are only a very small part of my work.

But I like SuSE. I like Linux. And I'm trying to like you guys. I have 6 linux machines on my LAN and one of them is Slackware, another is Red Hat, another is both Red Hat and SuSE, another is BSD and SuSE, and the remainder are all pure SuSE. Some of these 6 have also dual boot with Windows which is rarely used on these machine but is there anyway.

I have 8 pure Windows machines 2 of which are XP and 1 is XP Pro. I don't like XP as it is full of flakey behaviors that can trash an entire directory and pause the complete system for a screen refesh and numerable other flakey things. I think Bill Gates not only over charges for the MS Operating systems but has also practiced and got away with numerous efforts at monopolizing computer software and techniques and technologies in general. In addition, by all reports I've heard he is a ruthless "money is the bottom line" business man. I would only repect him as a human being if he gave 50% of his net worth to a good cause. Unfortunately most of the world treats him as a "business Saint" worthy of their worship and admiration. I think that the MS Operating Systems started as a piece of junk and are still not worth the cost. I blame "Big Business", in this case "Big Software Business enterprises" for being stupid and money hungry to the point that if they really cared for excellence we would have by now all the products I need to do my work and in a Linux environment.
Before I retired, I worked in Engineering and IT (Information Technology) and they thought I was crackers because of my interests and advocacy of Linux. Since then IBM (one of our (the company I worked for) main computer/software sources) has "seen the light" as well as the "financial gains" associated with Linux and appear rapidly to be turning Linux into a very expensive proposition when integrated with their product line as well as forcing Linux vendors like SuSE to compete.
Thanks - Ted

Randall R Schulz wrote:


and *you* continue to use the root cause of all these problems to
operate your computer. Please, take a bow. You have reached the

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