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Re: [SLE] Problems with GRUB and changing hard drives...
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 13:30:05 +0100
  • Message-id: <e299678805021004307bd82fb1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Some new info... I still don't have the fstab (coming later.. have to
get it off the remote machine and emailed to me)...

As for the GRUB not being happy about swapping out drives....
hda=fat32 (Windows installed)
hdc=Linux installed

If hda is removed or replaced, and the Linux boot floppy is in at
boot, we get the message "Booting from diskette" and then the next
line says " GRUB _" and all processes stop at that point... total
lock of the computer. Point to note... GRUB is not installed on the
MBR of hda... it is only on the floppy disk. GRUB is looking to
/hdc1/boot/grub. A similar error happened when we swapped hdb (the
CDROM) for a regular (empty unformatted) hard drive.

My question is maybe better stated as.. why is GRUB unhappy about the
drives changing if nothing is ever pointing to those drives in GRUB?
As far as GRUB is concerned, the Windows mount point (hda) doesn't
exist - the GRUB boot is not setup to multiboot.. only to boot Linux
(SuSE9.0) on hdc1. If hda and hdb are removed (for example) and Linux
is installed on hdc (Primary Master on IDE2) does the mount point for
that drive then become hda or stay as hdc?

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