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Re: [SLE] Dual-booting...or trying, heh
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:57:13 -0600
  • Message-id: <420E6DA9.5080600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Felix Miata wrote:

Darryl Gregorash wrote:

Win98 can only be installed on the first hard drive.

Win98 can only be installed on C:. If there are no primary partitions on
the first hard drive, then C: cannot be on it, which means if the only
primary is on /dev/hdd, then that's where C: will be, and that's where
doze will install.

He already has Win98 installed on that drive, having replaced his existing Linux drive with it just for this purporse. In this particular instance, we aren't going to be bothered by any installation issues.

I am certainly not going to try the scenario you describe here with anything already installed on the first drive. win98 is basically not much more than an enhancement of 95, which is just Win 3.1 remixed -- and that makes it nothing more than DOS with a GUI. AFAIK, DOS has never been able to mount C: on anything other than what it recognizes as the first hard drive, and at the very least that is where it will place its MBR. Fortunately, we are not faced with such considerations in this particular case. (Referring to your webpage here, I don't recall any OS/2 LVM capability, up to and including Warp4 FP13, which is when I switched to SuSE. Did I miss something in all those fixpacks? Or even earlier? In fact, I also do not recall OS/2 being able to mount C: on anything other than the first hard drive, although I never presented it with a situation where it would be required to do so.)

With any normal recent BIOS, you can make /dev/hdd, c or b be the first
hard drive...

Thanks for this info. In this remote backwater of the planet, I havent' had an opportunity to work on such recent systems, and it's welcome news. In about 15 years, this is all we'll ever see -- it will probably take that long (*) for the whole planet to get rid of all older systems :-)

As for "dual" vs "multi", this is stuff that I first read about and set aside a very long time ago, in the days of OS/2 2.1, and had not bothered with it since then. Reading your webpage (**) brings back memories of sitting in my chair with the 2.1 book in front of me, wondering "if someone has OS/2 why on earth would he still want to have DOS around?" It would have been a different story, I am sure, if any one of my games had not run in an OS/2 DOS session :-)

(*) Or longer. Only a few weeks ago, a friend asked me to install W2K on his girlfriend's system -- a 486, which is not about to be replaced anytime soon.

(**) Cue in a certain famous Bob Hope vocal selection.

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