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Re: [SLE] find command
  • From: John Sowden <jsowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 13:53:10 -0800
  • Message-id: <200502131353.11027.jsowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 13 February 2005 07:07, Jim Sabatke wrote:
> James Knott wrote:
> > John Sowden wrote:
> >> Thanks, but I looked for the locate command several years ago. It
> >> seems that locate is not installed in any of the suse distros that I
> >> have used, currently 8.2. I tried it again just now, to be sure and
> >> got a command not found, including under user root.
> >
> > You have to install the findutils-locate package.
> And run updatedb (as root) before running it. Good idea to put updatedb
> in cron to run in off hours.
> Jim

Thanks all for the find/locate help. I found locate (as was advised, it was
under a different name), and ran updatedb as root, not user. I didn't see
this reference in the man page.

I also wrote an alias for find (locate to come) as follows, if it helps anyone
else: alias findd='find / -iname '$1' 2>dev/null'

It seems that the whole documentation issue for linux is lacking. The doc
tells 90% of the story, and I end up going to the net search out that last
10%, including bothering all of you helpful people. As programs are written,
or updated, a new type of doc should be created that is a superset of the
other 3? (man, howto, info), so they become either irrelevant or very
tercnnical for the more advanced user (e.g. man pages).

When I write foxpro/dos apps in my office, I listen closely to the users, as
their "mistakes" are my programming/documentation errors.

Well, I have another stupid question, but I will save that for a different
subject line.

Thanks again,

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