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Re: [SLE] [9.2] mozplugger for Firefox
  • From: "Carl E. Hartung" <suselinux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 18:24:03 -0500
  • Message-id: <420FE193.1090001@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Fred wrote:

Hi again, Fred.

Can we try this from another direction?
Comments and questions embedded accordingly...

|>| but when I restart Firefox and key "about:plugins" in the adress bar,
|>I can't see any of the plugins described in /etc/mozpluggerrc
|>| any idea ?

Can you post an example of the relevant entries in mozpluggerrc? I'm
curious to know what's in the file that you expect to see, but don't in
Firefox about:plugins?

Also, if I recall this correctly, you should see listed as
a plug-in with version information and maybe a url to a website. Below
that, there is the table of mime types & file extensions that mozplugger
has been configured to handle. Are those table entries what you're
talking about when you say they "don't show up?" Are any of them
enabled or is the table not there at all?

Or is /mozplugger/ itself not appearing at all in about:plugins?

Do any of the plug-ins in this list -- besides mozplugger -- show up in
about:plugins? If so, which ones?
| /usr/lib/browser-plugins/
| flashplayer.xpt
| -> /home/fred/RealPlayer/mozilla/
| nphelix.xpt -> /home/fred/RealPlayer/mozilla/nphelix.xpt
| -> ../../X11R6/lib/Acrobat5/Browsers/intellinux/
| /opt/MozillaFirefox/lib/plugins/
| flashplayer.xpt -> /usr/lib/browser-plugins/flashplayer.xpt
| -> /usr/lib/browser-plugins/
| ->
| -> /usr/lib/browser-plugins/
| -> /usr/lib/browser-plugins/
| -> /usr/lib/browser-plugins/

And, while we're at it:
*[tutor hat on]*
Just so we're talking the same language... The files you've listed here
ending in .so or.xpt are true "plug-ins". They literally 'plug into' a
software 'receptacle' in your browser, grafting into the browser the
ability to process content that the browser couldn't handle otherwise.

The various utilities and programs that mozplugger uses, on the other
hand, are usually standalone command line apps designed to "handle" a
single or family of file/stream types. I believe these outside
utilities and programs are referred to in this case as "handlers."

That way, when you say "plug-in" I'll know that you're talking about a
file that resides in /usr/lib/browser-plugins and is linked to from the
different browser plugin directories. And when I say "handler" you'll
know I'm talking about a stand-alone command line app like wavplay or
mpg123 that mozplugger should be calling upon to "handle" those
file/stream types :-)
*[tutor hat off]*

Finally, I think it's time to ask what your objective is for installing
mozplugger? Is there a single kind of file or stream type that you're
trying to enable but can't?

If there are several types, can you tell me what they are? As I've
outlined above, mozplugger is really just an intermediary, anyway. It
may be possible to achieve your objectives using other means, too.

Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I'd really like to help you get to
the bottom of this. You've got my curiosity going!


- - Carl

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