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Re: [SLE] Problems with GRUB and changing hard drives...
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 10:32:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <e299678805021401322190d6f0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > >>If hda is removed or replaced,
> > >
> > >There's your problem. If it is removed, all the other drives will
> > > say whoopee and promote themselved 1 letter.
> >
> > Are you absolutely certain of this? In DOS/Windows, it is true that
> > the primary partitions all get lettered before extended ones, so the
> > very first primary partition is always C:, and the next (unhidden)
> > primary partition (usually a primary partition on the slave) is
> > always D:
> Indeed, and this behaviour is a PITA.

This is where things went wrong for me. I assumed... and I shouldn't
have... that if Linux was installed on hdc and GRUB was on a floppy
(NOT on the MBR of HDA) that I could remove or shuffle the drives
around on hda or hdb and hdc would remain hdc... or in GRUB speak,
shuffle or physically remove (hd0,1) and (hd1,1) and expect that
(hd2,1) would remain (hd2,1) and not suddenly become (hd0,1). With
GRUB still pointing at (hd2,1) things went haywire and the computer
would no longer boot from the Linux boot floppy. An edit to GRUB to
point it at the new /boot/grub location (hd0,1) things all started up
fine again.

> No, AIUI the device names will remain the same, and indeed there should
> be no reason why the system shouldn't boot linux on a machine with no
> hda (assuming an appropriate setup.) As to whether it would pass the
> POST, a box with NO hard drives should (booting from floppy or CD) so I
> see no reason why a 'missing' hda would be a problem.

This is opposite of my experience... as I detailed above.

Anyway, moot point since we solved it with a manual tweak of GRUB, and
a bit less hair (due to pulling it in various directions :-) )

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