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Re: [SLE] Cannot upgrade to 9.2
  • From: Marc Chamberlin <marcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:44:16 -0800
  • Message-id: <42145960.6020305@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Carl E. Hartung wrote:

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Marc Chamberlin wrote:

Hi again Carl - Thanks again for looking at this problem for me... No am not trying to do anything crazy (I think) such as installing a 64 bit version of SuSE on a 32 bit machine... Just a plain vanilla install...

Hi Marc,

I was mostly joking, but I've read on this list where people haven't
realized the media is double-sided -- 32 bit on one & 64 bit on the other.

So, are you contemplating a next step, or are you still pretty much in
diagnostics and research mode?

- - Carl

Hi Carl -
I'm sorry, your joke went over my head... Actually I am using the CD's not the DVD to install from so I hadn't made that connection at all, in my mind.

As far as progress goes, no joy yet. I have disconnected/removed the SCSI card, modem card and one of the two CD drives from my computer in an attempt to isolate and remove some of the variables.

At one point I saw something confusing, it looked as if the scripts are trying to set up a RAID set of drives. I don't understand why that was happening as I do not have a RAID system. I do have a lot of partitions on my disk drives, mostly Fat32 and NFS for Windows (my computer is a dual, actual three Win98, Win2000 and Linux) boot system and I wonder if having a lot of partitions might be confusing the install scripts? Again just guessing and I can't seem to get the computer to repeat/show me what I saw so I dunno if this is really something to be worried about.....

Bottom line, my computer is still crashing as always and I am both contemplating a next step and diagnosing/researching.....


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