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Re: [SLE] cups printer prints only one page
** Reply to message from Wybo Dekker <wybo@xxxxxxxxxxx> on Thu, 17 Feb 2005
23:51:15 +0100 (CET)

> Hi,
> My Laserjet-5mp, installed with Cups in SuSE-9.2, persists in printing
> only one page of multipage documents.
> When I cat a multipage ps file straight to /dev/lp0 it prints without
> problems, but when I send it with lpr only the first page is printed.
> Is there a known problem with cups filtering?
> --
> Wybo

I have what seems to be a similar (but not quite as bad) problem using 9.2 and
an HP Laserjet 5P with CUPS. This problem affects only certain .pdf documents.

For example, I will download a 30 page .pdf file from the Internet, and pages
1-19 will print just fine. But then the printer stops on page 20 and absolutely
will not print that page.

I can restart the print job and select pages 21-30, and those will print.

But page 20 refuses to print no matter what I do, no matter what range of pages
I select. The first light bar on the printer flashes once, as if it were about
to start printing, but then it stops.

Even if I tell the printer to print only page 20, it won't.

This seems to be totally random and I am guessing that it must be tied somehow
to the individual document -- something hardcoded into the .pdf??

Would anything else account for this odd printing behavior?


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