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Re: [SLE] Sometimes Linux makes me crazy.
  • From: Dylan <dylan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:55:17 +0000
  • Message-id: <200502270155.17573.dylan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 27 Feb 2005 01:12 am, Stephen Furlong wrote:
> Also in my opinion Linux is designed for tinkerer's/computer geek's
> as it is nowhere near ready for mainstream distribution, nor will it
> be for a long time in my opinion.

I can't agree with that at all. I converted a friend about 2 years ago,
and we went from 3 or four long phonecalls a week to diagnose and solve
problems to occasional online chats to point him to the relevant tools
or files. He's now converting his mother because he's fed up with all
the "my computer isn't working" phonecalls. With general consumer
hardware, and a user who wants general domestic functionality, there is
no problem - so long as they get the initial help and support. Surely
that is exactly what these forums are for.

> People just aren't keyed up enough
> in whole on computers to be able to understand linux.

I'd say that a generation (or two) aren't "keyed up" because for them
computers are 'new technology' - my grandmother can't program her VCR
even though she's had one for almost 20 years. We are in a social
transition wrt computers - none of us grew up with them in the way
children do now so how can we know what the situation will be in 20

> Its one thing
> to have windows pop up a message saying "the system has recovered
> from a serious eror - sending report", and a completely different
> level of "brown stuff" for linux to say "kernel panic".

Yeh, but Windows does that as a matter of course. Linux issues a kernel
panic once in a blue moon.

> To a
> average-joe-bloggs user the linux message means jack diddly squat.

Ah, but it does provide info to allow the cause to be identified and
rectified in most cases, Windows actually tells you diddly squat so you
have no hope of working out what is wrong or how to fix it (unless you
have complex knowledge and can trace through symptoms over long periods
of time!)

> Maybe in another twenty years time, when the youth of today has grown
> up and are the mainstream users will they turn to linux, having an
> understanding of computers that most adults today are scared of.
> Lets just hope its ready for them to use :)
> >Now we have four cents... :-)
> Make it six :-)
> Stephen
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