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Windows No Longer Boots Following the Installation of SUSE LINUX 9.1
  • From: Tim Taphorn <ttaphorn@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 15:07:39 -0700
  • Message-id: <40BBACAB.1000904@xxxxxxxx>

I'm looking for help repairing partition damage that occurred when I installed SuSE 9.1 Pro. I'm not altogether ignorant of Linux , but I'd still classify myself as a beginner. I wouldn't want to recompile a kernel on *my* machine.

I received my order of 9.1 Professional in early May and installed it on my Thinkpad T30, which came with Win2K Pro. I have worked in software testing and documentation for about 12 years now, and frequently work on a contract basis. Although I have to have Windows to work with my clients, I rarely used MS-made applications for anything other than documentation (Excel spreadsheets, Word documents). Mostly I've worked with OpenOffice, Mozilla, Thunderbird, and others for my personal work. But I must have Windows for some of my computing needs.

When I installed 9.1, I lost access to the Windows OS. Due to the magic of Linux and OpenOffice, I can still see and open files on the Windows partition (minus a lot of formatting, formulae, etc.). However, I'd like to get back to a dual boot. (I've had RedHat on this machine in the past, and it handled the partitioning just fine.) I've made regular checks at the SuSE web site looking for a fix, and it arrived a few days ago.

I downloaded parted.iso.gz, unzipped it, burned it to a CD, and followed the instructions on SuSE's web site (missing a step, but I muddled through). I got as far as the step saying "The following dialog for repairing the partition table displays your hard disk (usually /dev/hda) and the status of the partition table (broken). Select the hard disk and click "OK" in order to repair the partition table."

I clicked OK and got the following message panel:
hda: 40.0 GB, CHS 71520/16/63
FAT/NTFS partitions suggest these CHC values:
/dev/hda1: fat 32, CHS 77520/16/63
/dev/hda2: fat 32, CHS 5168/240/63
Warning: FAT/NTFS partitions with differing values
Warning: Accessing these partitions from Windows might fail due to a disk geometry mismatch: /dev/hda2

Would you like me to try and fix the partition table?

I click 'Yes', and the next thing I get is the dialog panel from the previous step (hard disk status broken) asking me to select the hard disk and click 'OK' to repair the partition table. I can loop between these two actions, or I can just reboot into SuSE. But I can't get the parition table repaired.

Has anyone successfully repaired their partition after having this problem with SuSE and dual booting? And does anyone know if this is a rare event with this release? It seems that if it had been discovered by SuSE when they were testing, they'd have shipped the product with a warning.


P.S. By the way, with the exception of this partition problem and the DVD's not working, everything else works just fine for my needs. The installation found all my hardware, and I was downloading updates from SuSE within minutes of completing the install.

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