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Re: [SLE] kmail crashes in 9.1
  • From: Doug McGarrett <dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 15:17:15 -0400
  • Message-id: <200405291517.15859.dmcgarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I made a folder in "Local Folders" in the kmail left-screen folder panel.
After saving about 50 emails, I went to look at them one day and only 3
were still there. There was some discussion on the list here, but nothing
ever brought them back, and I gave up. The only way I have to save anything
now is just not to erase it from the inbox, or to print it on paper.

I did the updates up to a few days ago. I see that there is a paper on the
update thingie, so I will go see what it's about.


On Saturday 29 May 2004 04:33, Janus Sandsgaard wrote:
> On Saturday 29 May 2004 03:46, Doug McGarrett wrote:
> > I've been using kmail for a little while--since I received and
> > installed 9.1--but the last 2 days when I logged out of kmail I
> > got a crash message.
> Annoying. I have been a pine user (text based mail client) for years, but I
> am looking into a GUI mail client. I have been testing KMail (on SuSE 9.0)
> with my mailing list and I am impressed. It handles around 1.000 new
> messages a day and hold around 900 MB mail so far. It "just works" and I
> never crashes.
> > I don't know if this has any relation to the inability to keep messages
> > in a self-made folder in kmail, but it is annoying. Linux things aren't
> > supposed to crash, I read.
> No. You are right. It shold work just as good as on 9.0. I am not on SuSE
> 9.1 yet so I am not if I can help you. But tell me: What do you mean by
> "self-made folder"? And have you done all the updates through YOU?
> Janus
> --
> Roskilde University, Denmark.
> Department of Technology and Social Science.
> International Development Studies.
> ESST - Society, Science and Technology in Europe.

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