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NewOnList: Virus, Worms, Spam, Spyware - Firewall
HI to all !

What products are really interresting with SuSE 9.x
for beeing care on a firewall using as gateway for
Windows-Clients (10-40 clients):

- Viruses
- Worms
- Spam-Blocking
- SpyWare

I have printout about of 5 cm beside me and I realy
do not know where to begin. Maybe I want to much all
at the same time. OK, what I read:

- now I use sendmail on the firewall (maybe I switch to
postfix). But it is all working fine.
- I tried amavis in a dual-sendmail configuration but
there a tons of informations of configuring amavis-new,
spamassasin, razor, DCC, spamBouncer, X-Antiviruses,
sanitizer, etc

But there are no realy short articles about short
configurations. I know that this is always depending
about my situation. Should spam by in quarantine, the
same for viruses.

In my situation my wife will have "her" spam using
Win2K with Symantec NAV2004 and I use Linux and
want to put this things into a separated box (spam
and viruses).

But this configuration should also be adapted be usable
in other configuration using M$-Exchange, etc.

Who has short articles, links, etc for setting up an
adequate situation.

thanks, Harald

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