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Re: [SLE] 9.1 Personal and lack of Gnome
  • From: Brooks <brooksfamily@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:16:37 -0500
  • Message-id: <200405272216.37072.brooksfamily@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 27 May 2004 21:03, Mike wrote:
> My only comparison was to say that I prefer Gnome

> *Only*? Although I'm sure I missed some, earlier in the thread you said
> (and said, and said...
Yes, *ONLY*. Take note of the key words in my sentences. Here's a remedial
reading lesson for you: These are called "opinion" statements. When I
premise a discussion on "I prefer Gnome", such statements can be used to
reinforce my premise.

> >I like Gnome and the way it works.


> >KDE (...) it's just not what I prefer.
> >I think KDE is harder to configure than Gnome.
> >I think Gnome has a better Windoze feel to it than KDE
> >as well.
> >when someone new to linux is stuck with just
> >KDE, they could get easily frustrated
This is your only possible spot of complaint as, admittedly, it has a note
of negativity toward KDE. However, if you had any real reading comprehension
skills, you'd understand that this statement was in keeping with my point
that 9.1 Personal was lacking in options and in software needed to use other
programs. As I'm using 9.1 Personal, that is a statement of FACT. That is
NOT the same as saying "KDE sucks" and neither are my OPINIONS on why I
prefer Gnome. Can you distinguish between fact and opinion from what I've
written here or do I need to break it down further for you?

> >I like Gnome
> >Gnome, to me, is easier to use.
> >Gnome when, in my opinion, it's every bit as easy to use as KDE,
> >and looks better as well.

> I can't figure out if you're sincerely clueless, or a very clever troll.
Perfect example of what I just wrote about. You imply that I'm dumb because
you only see what you want to see. Come on, man. Why make this into a
personal issue when all I've done is express dislike for a product (9.1
Personal) that I was mistaken about? It's not like I opened the discussion
calling one of you a name or disparaging your character.

And, yes, I know I'm doing the same thing back to you. If you want to be a
d-bag about an issue, then expect the same in return.

Let me repeat, since you can obviously pick up on patterns, if not meaning (my
hope is that you will pick up on my point, though it doesn't look likely
right now): None of these statements says KDE is a bad product. They just
mean that I like Gnome better than KDE. Is that too hard to comprehend? If
my preference for Gnome offends any of you personally, then you need step
away from the computer and seek more human interaction.

By the way, I would be equally disappointed if 9.1 Personal had just Gnome and
not KDE as well.

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