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yast freezes when detecting partitions during installation

I’m trying to install suse 9.0 on an old Celeron 433. when booting from the
cd the computer freezes at the welcome screen. So, for it to go beyond that
point, I have to hold the shift key and type “manual” at the boot: prompt.
Everything goes fine from there until I reach the yast screen where you can
change different options for the installation. It detects the mouse and a
few other things and then freezes when a little window pops up saying:
“Analyzing Partitions. One Moment Please…” This moment turns into an
eternity. The computer just freezes at that point and I don’t know what to
do to get past that point.

Does anybody have any idea how to help me? I’ve already searched the
archives and the SDB with no luck.

Please help,



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