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So Long... :-\
I'm afraid I'm outta here. One modem is busted, the other worked the first time I installed ...until I applied the updates. Installations two, three, four all had severe problems, and the last two times the modem wouldn't connect at all. So much for SuSE.

Aside from those problems, I was a little disappointed with what was purported to be a "major release" and was minor potatoes, in reality --mostly visual improvements and not much else in KDE, and the "major" part was the kernel 2.6 --long awaited, and so-so, IMNSHO.

It was quite a ride. SuSE9 & SuSE9.1 --both major disappointments in their ability to work w/external modems. Past that, just minor annoyances, really.

This is my last e-mail to the group. Thanks so much for all your help & for your patience. You are a fine group of folks. Perhaps when version 10 hits the scene, I'll be back. :-)

Former linux user 313xxx
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