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Why does USB drive mount automagically?
  • From: Chris Carlen <crcarle@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 17:10:42 -0700
  • Message-id: <40AE9A82.9000001@xxxxxxxxxx>

Suse 9.1:

I have fixed my problems with Konqueror pausing excessively by editing my /etc/fstab to not mount the /dev/cdrecorder and /dev/fd0 as subfs devices, but instead made them just user mountable.

Now Konqueror does exactly what I want for the CD and floppy, it shows the mount points as empty dirs until the devices are mounted. But it allows me to mount them by clicking them in the "devices" tab. In there I can also right-click to unmount them.

This is perfect, and no pausing.

Now for the USB flash drive:

When the device is plugged in, a Konqueror window appears displaying the files on the device. If I remove the device, the mount point disappears.

This is sort of good, but bad too. I want the device to be recognized automatically, this is good. It is acceptable that the device is automounted, but I'd prefer if it were mounted only after I'd click it in the "devices" department. That would be *consistent* with the CD and floppy behavior.

I also want to be able to unmount the device. But I cannot unmount the device, since if I attempt that, it says I am not root and the device isn't in /etc/fstab

It is not desirable to put the USB device in /etc/fstab because it isn't guaranteed what /dev/sd? device it will appear as. The user *should* be able to unmount the device!

What can be done to fix this, and make it more consistent with the behavior of the CD and floppy?

I believe that "SusePlugger" is responsible for what is happening, but in lengthy searches though /etc/sysconfig, Yast, and the system documentation, there is nothing but a blurb in the release notes implying that it exists.

But no information about where it is started or how to configure it.

Any tips?


Christopher R. Carlen
Principal Laser/Optical Technologist
Sandia National Laboratories CA USA

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