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Re: [SLE] Kontact and notes/memos
  • From: Luca Botti <botti.luca@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 01:51:55 +0200
  • Message-id: <200405210151.55391.botti.luca@xxxxxxxx>
You are a lucky one with memos...

whenever i enable the memo/knotes conduit on the KPilot, i get a system crash
(reset is needed - the little backside hole...) on my Tungsten E.

I am investigating it, thinking about some charset issue...I normally use
accented chars in memos (I am Italian) so - stay tuned.

Anyway i think it could be some PalmOS issue at
work, here. On the Dark Side (windows XP) the Palm Desktop Software on a clean
install (i repartitioned my notebook for the 9.1 installation) just crashes
whenever i launch it...

A final note for anybody not liking Suse 9.1.

I reinstalled clean a Server, a fixed workstation and my personal notebook,
and apart from an ACPI issue with the notebook (the thing did not recognize
keyboard after GRUB, so i could not complete installation), i shall say i am
really satisfied. This release is definitely faster than anything I saw from
8.0 on (at least, using KDE...).
And the added value of Suse, for anyone trying other distros, can be seen in
some nice touches - like the new powersave daemon (combining three or four
power saving daemons). Just a beginnning, i know, but a beginning - at last.

Alle 23:29, giovedì 20 maggio 2004, Dan Weisenstein ha scritto:
> I'm successfully using Kontact with a Palm m515, syncing using KPilot.
> Everything works fine _except_ my memos. None of my memos will update
> (sync) and only ONE appears in Kontact. And, that one also appears in
> Knotes, which I do not want to use to hold memos/notes. How can I get
> KPilot/Kontact to sync my Palm notes to the correct place
> (Kontact/Notes)? I've checked and rechecked all of the settings,
> conduits, etc. I must be missing something?
> Thanks- Dan

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