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Install 9.1 on old laptop
Hello All,

I have been trying to install suse 9.1 on an old ibm thinkpad 380. It has:

32MB ram
floppy drive
NO CD drive

I am very new to linux. I understand windows reasonably well.

With a windows boot disk, i can do all normal disk maintenance (partition,
format) plus load the drivers for a microsolutions backpack CD drive that i
have, which runs off of the parallel port. Once these windows drivers are
loaded i can use the cd drive as i wish (in DOS), no problems at all. I am
attempting to learn how to do this same thing with linux. So far i have
been stumped.


1. I created the set of suse floppy boot disks and modules from the install
cd (9.1 pro) and booted the laptop with them. I select "manual install",
load the CD-ROM modules from Module4 and select "bpck:microsolutions
parallel port". The installer asks me for parameters for various aspects of
the bpck module. I respond with the defaults each time and am successful
until "pcd". The default is drive0+0x0378. This fails. I have also tried
0x3BC, 0x3BD, and 0x3BE (due to some internet research) to no avail. To be
honest, i have no idea what any of these parameters represent, and so what i
should be looking for to insert. Stumped.

2. In light of the above, i decided that a network install might be nice.
I rebooted, and this time chose to install Module3 (network modules), since
i have a pcmcia ethernet card for the laptop. However, i receive an error:
"there is not enough memory to load all data. To continue, activate some
swap space." I cannot activate swap, because my hd is blank. Stumped.

3. In light of the above, i decide to partition and format the drive, in
order to activate swap at the appropriate time in 2, above. I reboot, and
select the "rescue" option this time. After inserting the rescue disk i
receive the same message as in 2, above: "not enough memory, activate swap".
Well i am a bit uncertain as to what my next move should be. I cannot
activate swap because i can't format, and i can't format because i can't
activate swap.

Does anyone know of a way to make this work? I can find almost no
documentation pertaining to any of this, so i presume that it is either a)
usually a piece of cake, or b) impossible (and obviously so). Do i presume
correctly? What is going wrong?

All help greatly appreciated.


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