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RE: [SLE] double ip address on the same ethernet card: is it possible?
  • From: "Damon Jebb" <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 12:24:19 +0100

> From: Riccardo Facchini
> I agree that the virtual interface method that i suggested is
> deprecated, but bear in mind that "potential for the method
> to become unsupported (i.e. not work) in the future." doesn't
> mean it will happen in the near future (i.e. less than an
> year). Check Cisco routers, they've been using it for years.
> Of course Cisco is not OS and is not Linux.... ;-)

Agreed, I just think it is a consideration that one has to make when
choosing a solution.

> I'm not sure about what problems Damon refers to; I'll have
> to investigate. I myself I'm using the trick at a home box I
> have for experimentation, and it works perfectly well. I have
> a home IP range different from the office IP range, and my
> office laptop has a fixed IP address I don't want to change
> when I get home... so I added a virtual IP address to the
> home box I refer to that mimics the SMB box I have in the
> office... this way I was able to "feel" at "office" when I'm home...

I did not need to use a completely different network when setting up
mine, and this may be a reason to use the deprecated method. I don't

I like the newer method for the simple reason; that it is all in a
single file and therefore slightly easier to manage (IMHO). I'm not
sure whether this method is supported by YaST though. Although I see
information about the virtual interfaces when I go into the relevant
section I cannot find any way to add more virtual interfaces or change
the settings of the existing ones.


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