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RE: [SLE] double ip address on the same ethernet card: is it possible?
  • From: "Damon Jebb" <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:28:55 +0100

> From: Luca Mollica [mailto:luca_mollica@xxxxxxxxxxx]
> I have set up correctly the card with ip, dns and all the stuff, and
> connection works : but now I would like to ADD a new
> configuration on the
> same card but with different parameters after some works have
> been done in my
> workplace and I cannot use the same ip address (and all other
> parameters) on
> different floors and sections of the building.
> What do I have to do? Can I follow the YAST configuration
> wizard or do I have
> to make some set up in order to have a double ip and make the machine
> automatically choose the ip?

I did this, but only for an IP in the same network as the first one.

I found it easier to setup editing the file


where x is the number of the interface (probably 0 for yours unless you
have more than one card).

Mine looks like this...

IPADDR_1='' ->>> adds the address to the card
IPADDR_2='' ->>> adds another address

As this file defines a network for the interface I think it may prove
more difficult if your addresses are not on the same network (e.g. and I think you'll have to make sure the
routing table is properly setup for it to work.

I have also tested things before commiting them to this file by using
the following syntax on ifconfig to apply an additional address
dynamically (it'll be lost after the next reboot or if you down then up
the interface)...

#> ifconfig eth0:1



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