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Hard Drive Upgrade gone wrong
  • From: dadeisvenm@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Donald Ade)
  • Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 02:25:48 -0400
  • Message-id: <474DE8EC.2AC79E66.0E7C1064@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi All,
I switched from XP to Linux 6 months ago. I have been happy ever since and gladly on Monday I will be receiving my 9.1 in the mail. Here is the issue. I moved my SuSE install from a ATA33 10GB HD to a ATA133 40GB IBM Deskstar. Yeah... Yeah .. I know "Its about time!"... anyways... I recently tried upgrade a step further to a WD ATA100 160GB HD because I wanted to make my SuSE Box my main work/fun station i.e. (Art projects, Images, Games, Torrents, etc...) and my 40gig was choking. after a certain point it will click. To make matters worse all backup attempts failed in one way shape or form. partimage reported CRC errors while backups and Yast backup restored 0 packages while attempting to restore backups in a fresh install on the 160GB HD. So with a SuSE 8.2 Live CD I copied all the raw content of the 40GB on to the second 160GB HD I bought for storage ;-) the n copied my home directory to the fresh install on the Main 160GB HD.

....IF your your still with me I'm winding down to the close....

For some off the wall reason the system become locked and laggy when I access old files or programs. Example, When I start the system up its smooth but should I specifically run either FireFox, Netscape, Azureus, or ever "Restore" a suspended OS in VMware the loadtime of each individual instance may take 2 minutes to hours to reach its required state.

Ok now the question(s)?

What is happening? Is thia a mistake on my part?
Are there any commands I can initiate (please give a mach example for commands)?

I'm ruining a 2x733MHz PIII w/ 768 MB of RAM, 2x 160GB HD, 1 60GB IMB Desktar and 1 MAxtor 10GB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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