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Re: [SLE] please!! help me, completly lost!
  • From: Bruce Marshall <bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 17:46:05 -0400
  • Message-id: <200405041746.05865.bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 04 May 2004 05:00 pm, Joao - Calcados Jacob S/A wrote:
> Hy there!
> first of all, forgive my english, i read a lot better then write!!

No problem with that....

> Oh great hall of linux geeks, my question is the following :
> I´ll need to upgrade my production network server (samba + mysql) hd´s,
> with the following scenario :
> i actually have 4 20 Gig disks, 2 of then into an raid1 (software) and
> another two for backups pourpouses, but my poor raid is actualy 97%
> full..... and if our dear shoes designers save another 200 megs files, i´ll
> probably will have my face into a dart target...
> no problems into transfering data, partitioning, building raid valumes,
> blablabal,

Ok, but how about slowing down and giving some more details....

You have essentially two drives now (raid) that are 'production' and almost

How do you plan to move to new drives? Install the new drives alongside the
current drives and do a copy of some kind? blah blah blah.

Solving the boot problem is probably the least of your concerns... and if you
fill us in with some more details, we can probably help.

> BUT I CAN´T BOOT! please, i´m completly newby with boot loaders over linux
> machines, i´ve been searching discussion lists like these, googling a lot
> ever the last week, but everywhere where someone tell woh to make it,
> theres a lack of information exacly where they say how to transfer the
> boot, and time is going short!
> P.S : not shure about wich boot loader actualy using.. LILO or GRUB, both
> are installed, and can´t restart server over next 3 weeks!
> using SUSE 8.1
> any help, even a link, would be very welcome.
> Joao Marka

+ Bruce S. Marshall bmarsh@xxxxxxxxxx Bellaire, MI 05/04/04 17:43 +
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