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  • From: Martin Mielke <martin.mielke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 03 May 2004 10:49:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <4096078C.1070008@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

far from wanting another "religious war", I found your email after the weekend and I'd like to do some comments on it...

Enrique Arizón wrote:

I was reading the replays to "bat files on Linux" and
was worried about how many people still defend such a
old fashion piece of crap language called "Perl".

what do you mean with "old fashion(ed) piece of crap"?

Perl suck. Perl is parasitic, Perl goes nowhere.

Hmmm... most people don't think the same, dude...

Yes, it was great 30 years ago when theory on

30 years ago Perl wasn't even born and I think that Mr. Larry Wall was having his first puberty problems... maybe you are confused with Assembler, my friend? ;)

Before flaming me: Assembler is also a good programming language, IMHO. In general, all programming languages are good if they suit your needs and you use them to do what they are expected to... for example: don't try to plot complex 3D stuff using RPG or Cobol... :-)

software languages was in its childhood but hey, wake
up, those days you have much better languages to do
what Perl can do and many other things Perl just
can't. I could list a few but I will just point to

Please, do list those "many other things Perl just can't"... I (and surely the rest) am curious...

It's much easier, much more powerfull, much
cleaner, much more versatile, much faster, much more
productive. Cross platform (Unix, Windows, Mac, ...).

Just because you like Python it doesn't mean that it's THE ultimate programming language.
Perl also executes under UNIX, Windows (even with their "particular" point of view), Mac... so if you call this "cross platform", here you are...

Just look how many proffesional software packages run
with Python (Mailman, Plone, PythonCad (, -some parts of it-, Redhat Install & Config
tools, PyUnit, ...). Even big consultancies are
dropping Java and .Net in favor of Python due to its
greater productivity. Or look here or here : or just here:

Big consultancies, as you mention, do use everything they'd need to carry out with a project and/or satisfy a customer needs. Java and .Net (and their GNU counterparts: Mono and .GNU) are also being used nowadays... so I don't know where did you get that info/comments from...

¡try all that stuff with parasitic-Perl if you dare!

Sincerelly I think Perl is right now one of the best
allyes of M$ against Unix and Linux in particular. ¡Drop Perl as soon as possible!

As another poster already said: you made an ass of yourself.


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