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RE: [SLE] UPS (power supply) and SuSE
  • From: (Ted Harding) <Ted.Harding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 18:45:50 -0000 (GMT)
  • Message-id: <XFMail.040301184550.Ted.Harding@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 01-Mar-04 linuxjim wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with running SuSE 8.2 with an
> Uninterruptible Power Supply? Does Suse recognize the unit? How do
> you set it up? >
> I fouund a reference to smartups in the help file, but can't find it on
> the distro disks.

Not quite an answer to the question as asked, but a while ago I bought
a Belkin Gold Pro 650 UPS, which had a driver for Linux (and other
Unix & freeBSD) on the CDROM.

I have found it to work well.

I have it connected to one machine via the serial port. After 5 minutes
of power-out (not uncommon where I live) the machine it is connected to
shuts down. Meanwhile, this machine has sent email messages to the other
machines on my LAN which are monitored every minute by cron jobs. When
one of these is received by another machine, it too shuts down. After
time for all this to happen, the UPS itself switches off.

It took a little while to figure out how to coordinate all this, but
now it works smoothly.

I hope this is useful.

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