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Re: Hardware question...
  • From: James Hatridge <James.Hatridge@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 17:57:13 +0100
  • Message-id: <200402271757.13099.James.Hatridge@xxxxxxxx>
Hi all...

On Thursday 26 February 2004 19:05, expatriate wrote:
> James Hatridge wrote:
> >Hi all...
> >
> >I've got a hub and the transformer burned up. So as a replacement I got
> > the type that has multi-value for the volts, ie from 0 to 12v. My hub
> > uses 5v, but the transformer has only 4.5 and 6v. I put the dial about
> > between the two. It works, but is this good? It also works when I set it
> > at 6v, but could this be too much? Any ideas?
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >JIM
> Try it on 4.5. If it works, leave it there. Are you sure that the knob
> does vary the voltage continuously between the 4.5 and 6.0 setting? If
> it does, the middle is OK. 6V is probably OK too, just feel the hub and
> see if it gets too warm.
> How did the old transformer burn up? Too much load on it?

I guess so... I use it for my 8 node 'wulf. When I have all 8 nodes going at
speed the hub is more than hand warm. BTW it's a D-Link DSH-8 hub. A few days
ago I had only a couple of the nodes up and running, just moving some files
around no big thing. I went outside to get the mail etc. Came back inside and
could smell that burning plasic smell. I'm sure everyone here knows it. I
looked around and the transformer brick looked like it was designed by Dali.

Anyway I'm stuck with this hub until I can score a switch. BTW does anyone
have an old usable 8 to 16 node switch laying around? I could go up to 10$
plus postage for a usable one.


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