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gpg and kmail...something wrong
  • From: John <yonaton@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 01:36:50 -0500
  • Message-id: <200305220136.58675.yonaton@xxxxxxx>
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Hiya gang,

I've seen quite a few posts in the list that were signed with gpg (or pgp I
guess). Some just have a simple, short yellow line letting me know that I
don't have this key on my keyring. Others though, have a big fat yellow line
with the following in it:

Message was signed with unknown key.
The validity of the signature cannot be verified.
Problem: OpenPGP plug-in was not specified.
Use the 'Settings->Configure KMail->Security' dialog to specify the plug-in or
ask your system administrator to do that for you.

Okay, no problem. I go into the security setup part in kmail, found the
plugins in /usr/lib/cryptplug (containing:gpgme-openpgp.a, .la, .so and
gpgme-smime.a, .la, .so). I highlighted, and clicked the
'activate' button and an asterisk shows up next to it in the window affirming
it's activated. I then click 'apply', and kmail crashes. Just disappears, and
I have to click on the kmail icon to start it again. I did this with the also, exactly as I did with the other, and when I click
'apply', it crashes kmail. I tried this with each of the six things in
/usr/lib/cryptplug one at a time, and each one crashes kmail when I click
I have two SuSE public keys on my keyring, and they show up green in an
email. My own show up green. Others like I said, show up as they should if I
don't have their public key, but many that I *do* have the public key of,
show up with the big fat response I gave above.
Is anyone else having the same problems trying to get a plugin thing to work
in kmail (SuSE 8.2, patched everything that YOU said I needed)? Should I
report this as a bug to someone (the kde team? the kmail team?...), or does
someone have an idea what's happening and a way to fix it?
Thanks for any help. Take care and be good.

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