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Re: [SLE] Uh...what's this?
  • From: John <yonaton@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 11:22:24 -0500
  • Message-id: <200305201122.33606.yonaton@xxxxxxx>
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On Monday 19 May 2003 22:07, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
> * John (yonaton@xxxxxxx) [030519 17:18]:
> > Well excuse the hell out of me! I didn't *know* what to do or what it
> > was or why I got them, and asked here about it and not one answer said
> > anything about what you just said *should* have been done.
> The information you were sent when you subscribed (and asked
> politely to read) told you how to contact the list owner when you
> encounter problems with the list. I, of course, can't force you to
> read that but you probably shouldn't act so shocked when I expect
> that you have.

I *did* read it, but it was somewhat confusing to me, so when things
'happen', all I want is to do the 'right' thing, and I come in here and ask.
I *want* to help, to do what I can to keep things going the correct way, but
there's people like me out there (fortunately very few) who just have a hard
time with certain things (and there's no way to discern what it may be til it
happens or comes around), but I truly did think I was doing the right thing
by asking here. I don't want anything bad to happen to this list, it's my
*main* source of info and help.
I mean, I can rebuild a 283, 327, 350 Chevy motor almost blindfolded. I
found I had a latent talent for a certain 'branch' in Israeli military
counter-intelligence, but can't get up from my desk to walk 12 paces to the
kitchen and remember what I went in there for (happens *every* time too). I
can remember a whole mess of passwords I have, long ones too, but have to buy
keyed padlocks, because I can't remember 'combinations' to combination lock.
I have to keep my own phone number in my pocket, because I can't remember it.
Stupid junk like's frustrating as hell. I just try hard and hope
for the best, but I'm an honest man, and don't try purposely to screw things
up for anyone else.

> This isn't just some BOFH power trip contrary to what you are
> probably thinking. Occasionally very broken mail servers (or
> malicious jackasses) start resending list mail back through the lists
> after removing all of the headers that would allow the software to
> detect the mail loop. That's not what this was but it easily could
> have been. The last serious mail loop we had caused almost 10
> million messages to be sent in a matter of hours; if one of the
> subscribers on that list (it wasn't SLE) had bothered to email one
> of the correct contact addresses it would have been stopped in a
> matter of minutes instead of hours.

Like I said, I'm sorry, but there wasn't no need to put it the way you did
to me. I was only trying to do what was right. Also, Carlos said he'd told me
to tell the list manager, and I was probably about to do it when who knows
what crossed my sight to make me get on another track and completely forget
what I *was* gonna do. Having only recently found I have ADD (I'm 41 now,
found out just after I turned 40), *and* I'm at the very bottom of the chart
of those who have it *bad*. It may seem like an excuse, because it *is*. took me 40 minutes to make this reply, because I'd always catch
myself 'wandering' off some thought process would catch my attention and I'd
follow it then catch myself and come back to this.
Anyway, I screwed up. I apologize to you and am sorry I made your work
harder when there was no need for it to be thus, and I'm sorry Christopher.
I'll try harder somehow, honest.
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> -ckm

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