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Re: [SLE] DNS Question

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From: "Jerry Feldman" <gerald.feldman@xxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2002 1:43 PM
Subject: Re: [SLE] DNS Question

> Briefly.
> You can use your server as a local (or caching) DNS server. Attbi does
> occasionally change their DNS servers (same thing happened last week). For
> the once in a blue moon occurrence, you chould just use the once ATTBI
> assigned. The local caching DNS server givves you a bit more flexibility,
> and will give you better performance. Or, you could use well know DNS
> servers. The ATTBI DNS servers should be shorter hops than external
> servers, and the local caching DNS is local to your LAN.


But how do I set up a DNS cache? I'm running dhcp on the server, for
the "inside" NIC (eth1), and when I set a windows 2000 client machine on the
net, instead of getting an ip number from within the class c range
(192.168.x.x), it came up with, which I think it received
from's server. What do I put in dhcpd.conf, or in some other
file, that will provide the same dns numbers as are in resolv.conf? And why
did the win2k machine go to attbi for an IP number! I must be doing
something wrong.

I'm missing something here. What I'm trying to do seems to me to be a
cookbook operation. I have SuSEfirewall2 and masquerading set up. On the
outer NIC (eth0), dhcpcd runs and gets an ip. It also picks up the current
dns ips and updates resolv.conf accordingly.

I have six or so computers inside the firewall. They run a variety of
windows versions, and one has OS/2. I've been hard coding ip addresses and
DNS numbers based on what has been handing me. But a month ago or
so I got an email from attbi indicating that I was using the wrong DNS ips.
Attbi updated, but I hadn't updated the machines inside the firewall.

So I'm hoping to be able to automatically assign ip numbers to each
computer, and to pass attib's dns numbers over to the internal network.


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