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Re: [SLE] YOU/Manual - what do the various text colors mean (red, blue, black), why are some boxes checked and some not, and what does YOU expect me to do next?
  • From: Togan Muftuoglu <toganm@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 01:27:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <20021122232714.GB5664@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
* DJ; <linux_programmer@xxxxxxxxxxx> on 22 Nov, 2002 wrote:
CER> I renamed the script "/usr/sbin/susehelpindex" as
CER> "/usr/sbin/indexsusehelp". Interestingly, in the script its own name is
CER> refered in two different ways:

I've been trying to follow this suse faq/help thread and I'm a little

Especially with the Subject that long I am not suprised

Maybe after you expert guys figure it out, you could summarize what we
SuSE newbie's need to do ;-)

Follow the procedure and it should be working

I just logged on to SuSE KDE and I can't find the FAQ link anywhere.
Are we suppose to see a link to the FAQ some place?

If you have installed the susefaq.rpm ( Unofficial SuSEFAQ documents
which are integrated into susehelpcenter)

How to have a working SuSEhelpcenter

1) First open (Root bash shell) or alternatively open an console and
then su
earth:/ # cd /sbin/conf.d/
earth:/sbin/conf.d # pico -w SuSEconfig.susehelp

You can use any editor but pico is simple enough

a) because SuSEconfig.susehelp is broken so no index is produced to
fix SuSEconfig.susehelp around line 40 replace indexsusehelp with
susehelpindex as shown

# /usr/sbin/indexsusehelp -> /usr/bin/susehelpindex
if [ "$DOC_AUTOINDEX" = yes ] ; then
/sbin/checkproc -p /var/lock/susehelpindex /usr/bin/susehelpindex >&
/dev/null || \
echo " Creating susehelp index."; \
/bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/susehelpindex >& $MYLOG & /sbin/pidofproc \
/usr/bin/susehelpindex >/var/lock/susehelpindex" &

Save the file
2 ) Download the unofficial SuSEFAQ rpm from sourceforge

either install it via YaST2 or use Kpackager or simple rpm command

rpm -Uhv susefaq-0.4-1.noarch.rpm

3) Then run /sbin/SuSEconfig --module susehelp

3) Now Unofficial SuSEFAQ should be again in the SuSEhelpcenter with
Search enabled. You may need to recreate the index (should not be

4) If there are bugs please submit them at

On page 324, there is a url that is incorrect,
http:/localhost/hilfe/index.html.en Does anyone know what it should
be? I tried a couple of variations and I couldn't figure it out.


Please keep the FAQ up. It is helpful.

Yes I like these keep on pat me on shoulder :*-)

Sometimes we don't report these items because we're too busy and need
to get the work done, we don't think it makes a difference or the
report goes into the bit-bucket, we get tired of too many little
annoying type errors, we think someone else already reported it, or we
don't know how it is suppose to work in the first place.

You will never know it if you dont ask it

Short surveys are always a nice way to get feedback.

Himm there is at

Togan Muftuoglu
Unofficial SuSE FAQ Maintainer

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