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  • From: Michael Hasenstein <mha@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:44:23 -0800
  • Message-id: <3DDE7B07.20606@xxxxxxxx>
Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

This is what I want to know.
Definitely, this is stupid situation- Suse's employeers don't know such
thing :-(

See my other - longer - mail a few minutes later. We DO know, but the question for our "license" catches most SuSE people off guard simply because there is none (impossible, we cannot override the licenses each individual package comes with - at most the SuSE CD image is protected by copyright law as a work of art (US law, no idea how that works in Russia) but no one tried that yet IMHO - and it's not necessary, see my other mail).

revoke your maintenance web access if we find out that you do that (we
may have to refund part of the money you paid) ;-( - no one can force
us to provide this service if you don't agree to our terms.

Currently I have no access to maintenance web, so you can't revoke something

I'll try to follow up. Complain to me directly if I don't come up with a solution soon, okay?

I want to know this terms before we'll buy SLES8. May be it will be cheaper
(yes! if SLES8 is licensed per server!) and easier (they have russian
office) SCO UL based server.

So we'll still make money ;-)

Seriously, if SCO has an office in Russia I have a hard time arguing to use SuSE instead. After all, even if you get SCO/UL you still get a SuSE engineered product and can remain on the SuSE mailinglists (e.g. suse-oracle) ;-), and if they've offices there they'll be better able to support you. That's why we did UL, to broaden our geographic reach (Turbo: Asia; Connectiva: South America; SCO: Russia? ;-) ) without actually having to invest to build a presence everywhere...


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