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Re: [SLE] partition magic can it and advice?

> Partition Magic is a good tool.... and over the years I have strictly
> avoided using the linux tools to make new partitions. Why? Sometimes
> Linux can move things around in the partition table that upsets the
> Windows world... In otherwords, Linux can break windows. I've seen it
> happen. Using PM will avoid this.

Boy i sure hope that I do not feed the trolls here. But the startment
in the above snipped text "Linux breaks Windows" is not entirely true.
Yes Linux version of fdisk can move things around but, you can enter
into expert mode (with fdisk) and switch it back! I did this because
the fdisk program did swap the partition order around. So I guess what
I'm trying to convey is that you can still do the partitioning with
Linux tools but for the above, you will need to do this from the command
line. Again not trying to stir anything up but just was wanting to let
others know that you can still do this and fix the partition table with
Linux tools.


"Nothing is impossible, We just do not have all the anwsers to make the
impossible, possible."

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