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Re: [SLE] CF Memory Card in PCMCIA Adapter
** Reply to message from Jay Vollmer <jvollmer@xxxxxxxx> on Thu, 21 Nov 2002
09:04:30 -0600

> I did
> > always get an error on boot that hde was "not a valid block device". I
> > there a better way to set this device up, say as a hotplug (not that I know
> > how to do that yet, but am willing to learn).

If you have one of those "card readers" plug it in w/ a card in the slot ... It
should show up as a drive which can be mounted etc... mine shows as /media/sdc1
( it's a 3 slot sized reader ) If I put in another card also , those show usp
as /media/sdc2 etc... I didn't have to do anything at all in 8.1 Kudos and
Thanks to all the SuSE folks who worked on that ... Now , if they just create
that sort of support for "fire wire" all will be well here <G>

/Warning: OT , a bit below :
(I'm drooling over a maxtor external drive 256 GIGs at the same price ;a tad
more than $250 dollars US as the older 120gig version version... ) W/ firewire
it *should* be faster than USB .
/warning: OT, End


afterthought: !edis gnorw eht morf siht ta gnikool era uoY

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