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Re: [SLE] untangling X stuff
  • From: Graham Smith <gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 17:27:10 +1100
  • Message-id: <200211071727.10240.gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 09:14 am, KMcLauchlan wrote:
> Group,
> In other messages, I have told how I somehow
> screwed-up my system (I was doing a big apt-get,
> with Synaptic in KDE3.0.3, SuSE8.0, when the
> locking screensaver activated, and when I returned
> from supper, my password no longer worked [on the
> screensaver], and I could not figure out how to do
> anything useful from the console that didn't kill
> X and my login, and when I shut down and re-started,
> KDM and GDM were no longer referenced and all I
> had was WindowMaker with many X-apps unusuable --
> as well as most K and most G apps).
> So, I've been trying stuff that I found here and
> there (Googling) about X, as well as suggestions
> that people have been offering to Tom N. and to
> other people with vaguely similar problems.
> Well, every time I try nearly anything, the response
> is something about Display :0.0 not being available,
> or similar.
> /kevin


Looks like the easiest way out of the problem is to remove all of the KDE rpms
and reinstall from the SuSE 8.0 disks. It appears that you have a large
number of files missing and trying to identify which ones need to be
installed is not a task I would like to undertake.

I suggest that you stop booting into init 5 until you can manually start the

This can be done by using YAST --- System --- Runlevel editor.

If you can't start Yast in GUI mode try the following

Use <Ctrl> <Alt> F1 to switch to a terminal and login as root and run
init 1
which will place you in single user mode and will kill the Xserver. Then after
you re-login run
init 3
This will allow you to run 'startx' to start your Xserver. I suggest you use
another terminal window to run as a normal use. i.e. <Ctrl> <Alt> F2

The commands that I posted before using xinit has to be run from a terminal
window NOT an xterm as you already have the xserver running on display :0

If you want to start another xserver you can use the command
xinit /opt/kde3/bin/startkde -- :1
this will start a xserver using kde on display 0:1
xinit /usr/bin/X11/twm -- :1
will start twm on display 0:1

This will allow you to switch between two xservers by using <Ctrl> <Alt> F7 or

Hope that clears up some of the confusion.

Graham Smith

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