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Re: [SLE] Bugs in KMail, KDEInit?
  • From: "Howard Coles Jr." <hcoles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 22:15:17 -0600
  • Message-id: <200211062215.17339.hcoles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu October 10 2002 01:21 pm, Glen wrote:
> Hi all -
> I submitted the following bugs to KDE, but I'm wondering if anyone has any
> insight from a SuSE perspective?
> BUG # 1 - KMail won't die.
> On a newly-installed SuSE Linux 8.1 system with KDE 3.0.3 and KMail 1.4.3,
> KMail fails to shut down correctly on exit. Whether I exit with the "X"
> box or through the File menu, a child KMail process continues running on my
> server.
> Compact-Folders-On-Exit is DISABLED, so this is not related to those bugs.
> This occurs whether I check mail or not, so this is not related to the POP
> process bugs.
> Even if I just start KMail, and immediately quit, the process stays there.
> The process is killable using killall, or the normal signal 15 kill, and
> it does not appear to use any CPU time, it just sits there... but because
> it's there, KMail cannot be restarted until that process is killed.
> I notice that kdeinit is leaving phantom kio_pop3 and kio_smtp processes
> around, too, but even if there are no such processes, KMail's child still
> lives on.
> BUG #2 - KDEInit doesn't die.
> On a fresh load of SuSE 8.1 using KDE 3.0.3, I'm noticing problems with
> kdeinit's process management.
> kdeinit child processes - especially smtp, pop3, and http processes, seem
> to stay in the process table even after konqueror or kmail are completely
> exited/killed.
> The kdeinit parent process - and sometimes one or more children - stay
> running even after I log out. They stay running even if I kill the X
> server manually, or shut the X server down completely, having already
> logged out.
> During the logout process, kdeinit can take a long time (10 seconds or
> more) to terminate the X server and shut itself down even partially.
> This problem did not exist under SuSE 8.0/KDE 3.0.1.
> I saw another bug similar to this about KDE 2.2.1, but this appears to be a
> new problem in 3.0.3

Add the "ME TOO" to this question. I have noticed that when my wife logs out
and I log in something was taking up all the processor. doing a ps -ef would
show that a process with her userid was using all that was available. I have
to su, then kill -9 the process. just a kill or kill nohup would not stop
it. I am running KDE 3.0.4 on SuSE 8.0 from the update directories on the
ftp mirror.

Is there a setting that would fix this anybody?

See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

"The act of faith is the obedience of the understanding to God revealing, and
the product of that is the obedience of the will to God commanding."
Matthew Henry, on Romans 1:5

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