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re: [SLE] NAT FailOver Using 3 NIC's ?
>> Hi guys... is there any application to had a NAT with a failover
>> connection ?

>> I mean I will had a PC with 3 NIC one with a private IP, and the other two
>> with Public IP's (each one from a different ISP Provider),

>> What I need it's to had a NAT configured using one of the ISP-Connection
>> and if that connection faill then it start using the second ISP
>> Connection...

If you need to have a Internet Server (i.e. pop, web, ftp, etc.) at your location, then it is very difficult because of the need for a static IP.

If all your doing is providing the local PCs with Internet Access, then it should be relatively easy, but I don't know of an out of the box solution.

I would use MON to monitor the primary ISP connection, then cause a failover to your backup if it sees the primary go down.

MON is written in perl, but it has a fairly easy to use config file, and the action scripts to monitor and perform failover actions can be written in shell script, or be an executable.

It has a built in ping monitor, so you can just ping your primary ISPs router to see if they are up.

Then write an action script to bring up your backup ISP and change your default route. I guess you may also need to update your NAT rules.

I don't know if MON is in the SuSE distribution or not, but it is definitely OSS.

Greg Freemyer
Internet Engineer
Deployment and Integration Specialist
Compaq ASE - Tru64 v4, v5
Compaq Master ASE - SAN Architect
The Norcross Group

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