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Re: [SLE] How to limit MP3 file to 15 seconds?
  • From: The Purple Tiger <Jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 18:23:02 +0000
  • Message-id: <200211061823.02035.Jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 06 November 2002 4:10 am, Ronald Wiplinger wrote:
> I have to create out of an existing MP3 file a sample of 15 seconds.
> Does anybody have a hint how to do it?
> I have also the original CD to create the MP3 file from scratch too,
> if that is easier.
You can use CDParanoia to rip from the original CDs to a wav file, and
in the parameters specify times :o)

From the "commandline help" of it - [just type cdparanoia]

The span argument may be a simple track number or a offset/span
specification. The syntax of an offset/span takes the rough form:


Here, 1 and 2 are track numbers; the numbers in brackets provide a
finer grained offset within a particular track. [aa:bb:cc.dd] is in
hours/minutes/seconds/sectors format. Zero fields need not be
specified: [::20], [:20], [20], [20.], etc, would be interpreted as
twenty seconds, [10:] would be ten minutes, [.30] would be thirty
sectors (75 sectors per second).

There you go :o)

So you could have 1[00:00:00.00]-1[00:00:15.00] as the span argument for
15 seconds. It would also allow you to rip *any* 15 secs from the CD
with ease.

You could put it into a shell script to get all the tracks on the CD at
15 seconds each, but I will leave you to figure that one on your own

You could use commandline tools to crop the mp3 files, but this is best
if doing it from scratch [in my opinion, anyway :o)]

Hope this helps!

Jon the purple tiger :o)

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