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I could provide RPM packages. Anyone has an Apt repository?
  • From: Thibaut Cousin <cousin@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 18:48:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <200211061848.51732.cousin@xxxxxxxx>
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I've recently build a bunch of RPM packages for SuSE 8.1. Well, no miracle,
I mostly took source-RPM when I found them, modified the spec file to get
correct dependencies, naming and versioning scheme compatible with SuSE and
configurable architecture. So I take no credit for creating anything.
What I guarantee is that they are consistent between each other. I'm no RPM
guru, but I know they work on at least four different machines. All the
dependencies are satisfied with what I give and SuSE CDs. And all packages
are compiled with full functionalities (especially MPlayer, Transcode, etc).
My only problem is that I have personal webspace where I could put them so
that everyone can use them (for example an Apt repository). Does anyone have
a few dozen Mo (right now around 70 Mo) for the RPM and their corresponding
sources? I have some bandwidth to upload them, no problem here.
The list of packages is:

divx4linux 20020418
dgen-sdl 1.23
golix 0.24
grip 3.0.3
kexchange 0.2.2
kile 1.3
kkeyled 0.8.0
krename 2.4.1
ksensors 0.7
quanta 3.0
Video-DVDRip 0.46
xvattr 1.3
a52dec 0.7.4 (shared, static and devel)
fame 0.9.0
libfame 0.9.0
libfame-devel 0.9.0
lame 3.93-20021002
lame-libs 3.93-20021002
lame-libs-devel 3.93-20021002
lame-libs-static 3.93-20021002
lame-mp3x 3.93-20021002
libdvbpsi1 0.1.2
libdvbpsi1-devel 0.1.2
libdvdcss2 1.2.3
libdvdcss2-devel 1.2.3
libdvdnav 0.1.3
libxine0 0.9.13
libxine0-devel 0.9.13
xine-dvdnav 0.9.13
xine-ui 0.9.13
MPlayer 0.90pre9
MPlayer-gui 0.90pre9
MPlayer-skin-default 1.5
MPlayer-skin-phony 1.0
MPlayer-skin-proton 1.3
MPlayer-skin-slim 0.9
oggtst 1.0beta1
ogmtools 0.954
transcode 0.6.1
x2divx 0.10
xvid 20021011
xvid-devel 20021011
feynmf 20081996

And the following without source-RPM because they were converted, created
with checkinstall or the source-RPM didn't work:

revtex4 4.0
tetex-frogg 0.2
tetex-frogg-doc 0.2
tetex-frogg-extra 0.3
tetex-frogg-extra-doc 0.3
texpower 0.0.8g
avidemux 0.9pre18
cpc4x 0.24
ffmpeg 0.4.6-0.20021028
libffmpeg 0.4.6-0.20021028
libffmpeg-devel 0.4.6-0.20021028
grustibus 0.43
ines 1.2
kover 2.8.7
lzo 1.08
lzo-devel 1.08
lzo-static 1.08
solfege 1.4.7
w32codec 0.50

Yes, some of these packages just come from Packman or Rainer. Again I just
repacked them conveniently and consistenly. In particular, this MPlayer
replaces the one from the CDs and has no problem with libdvdnav, and YaST2
will not try to replace it.
I hope this will be useful to some people.

- --
Thibaut Cousin
E-mail : cousin@xxxxxxxx
Web :
Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)


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