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Re: [SLE] somebody said Linux was more stable?

When your boot menu appears select the "memory Test' option, you'll be
amazed at the results.

I was having an issue with an old machine a while back, I ran the
'Memory Test' and it pointed out that some memory was damaged, after
removing the faulty SIMM (yes I said SIMM, told you the machine was a
bit old) the problems disappeared and the machine has been happily doing
its job for a year now.


On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 10:45, Constant Brouerius van Nidek wrote:
> Well my system freezes with two programs. If I want to find
> a file on my system I am most often to lazy to remember how
> to grep and I do a find in my KDE on Suse 8.0.
> After some files are returned a freeze of my system is a
> sure thing. Same when I use the file find command in
> midnight commander. Three finger salute and any other
> keyboard input has no effect. A reset is the only way out.
> Cannot remember having such a freezing of the screen with
> any other program.
> Could it be that these find utils are using lots of memory?
> I have 320 mb memory and have excluded via Lilo the last
> twenty mb because they are faulty. Could it be that find
> does not respect this exclusion?
> Any other reasons?
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