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Re: [SLE] Work??
  • From: Graham Smith <gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 09:08:01 +1100
  • Message-id: <200211060908.01127.gqs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wed, 6 Nov 2002 08:24 am, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Martin Richard (martin.richard20@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [021105 13:11]:
> ->Hi!
> ->
> ->I have a question. For my work, I sometimes need to work with Microsoft
> ->Word. I know there is OpenOffice that seems good but some functionality
> ->that I need are not present. Also I need Visio and a plugins to view
> ->QuickTime movies in a browser. I heard about CodeWeavers that produce
> ->CorssOver Office and CrossOver Plugin that seem to be the answer to my
> ->need. But, those products are not free... I can buy it but I would want
> to ->have some comments from people that tried it. How it works? Is it
> good? ->Does it works with a certain stability when you use the products in
> it? I ->have Suse Pro 8.0.
> I've been on the CrossOver mailing lists since I bought the CrossOver
> plugin pkg that Codeweaver's sells. I can tell you that the plugin pkg
> works REALLY, REALLY well. I've had no problems with it on SuSE 7.2, 8.0
> and 8.1.

I use CXoffice with Word & Excel both 97 & 2000 and have not had any really
major problems. The main reason I use this product over OpenOffice is the
ability to utilise a number of extensive macros with word & excel we have
developed, all of which work without a problem with CXoffice.

What I also like is the ability to cut & paste between linux apps and word &
excel. The only limitation is that you cannot use the middle mouse button to
paste into a MS application.

I find Codeweavers really really support their product and put a lot of
effort into resolving any bugs that do show up. Let me say that CXoffice is
not perfect yet, but it is stable (a dam more stable than Win 98 would ever
be) and quite usable.

At present the help system in Word & Excel does not work, nor the Office
Assistance (a blessing in disguise). Have a look at the following web page
for more details of what works and what doesn't.


Graham Smith

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