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how to make floppy boot disks? the manual is way off base...
Ok, I have a PC that is too old to boot from cdrom, so I need to make
some boot floppies. However, the Admin Guide handbook references things
that just are not even close to the cdrom structure and files. And the
suse support db doesn't have squat on this either.

I got the first boot disk made (bare.I/bootdisk), but it prompts me for
the 2nd boot disk, IIRC it is the disk with color.gz/initrd on it(?)
(Sorry, it's been since slackware 3.6 since I last had to make a boot
disk ;^) However, there are no documents/errata on making this second
disk from the SuSE 8.1 cd's.

Can I just copy the initrd from the CD1/boot/loader dir to the floppy?
Or, is there more to it?

Also, where are the alternative kernels? (especially, the smaller
kernels with just bare minimum) I searched the cd's but didn't find
anything, but I probably searched for the wrong things.

And, can I use the CD2/boot/image in place of the CD1/boot/bootdisk?


P.S. trying to create the boot disks from a linux box, not msdos

P.P.S Dear SuSE, I am not happy with this worthless dead tree (i.e. the
manual), as it holds little accuracy on most things related to 8.1 that
I have looked up so far!

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