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Re: [SLE] A small request.
While you bicker over the semantics and structure of Q&A threads here,
others are using this forum as it was intended. Quibbling over how these
messages are sent or viewed seems like such a petty waste of time to me. Is
this what lies ahead in Linux forums? I certainly hope not.
If we can't even agree on how to communicate with each other, how can we
expect this community to grow? Focus on Linux issues..... please. I'm sick
of Redmond dictating my I.T. career.
Let's work together.

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> * jaakko tamminen <jaakko.tamminen@xxxxxxxxxx> [11-02-02 20:31]:
> > * Philipp Thomas <pth@xxxxxxxxx> [3 Nov 2002 01:14:02 -0000]:
> > > A normal conversation is always statement and reply, or do you answer
> > > before you're questioned? Why change the way a conversation normally
> > > goes only because it's a written one?
> >
> > Yet another, who think that he is the only one being correct...
> >
> > Do You want to follow a conversation so, that before every new sentence
> > want to listen the conversation from the beginning?
> So YOU read the answer and then automatically discern the question and
> conversation that led to the answer.
> In your world, there should never be a debate. You should offer your
> services to the police departments of the world. You would be able to
> solve cases before they existed.
> In a close group existing of a very few individuals all readily
> acquainted with the subject matter, TOFU in precise, limited statements
> would perhaps (perhaps) be desirable (perhaps). But, if you entered a
> discorse that had already progressed some distance from the start, it
> would be very nearly impossible to intelligently advance or comprehend
> the previous situations. And the next person to try to understand the
> conversation would be imposed.
> Would you write the final chapter to a book for publish before the
> beginning.
> Logic, not personal preference (or disregard) should rule.
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