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Re: [SLE] switching over from redhat
  • From: Kevin McLauchlan <kmclauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:01:31 -0400
  • Message-id: <200210041001.00154.kmclauchlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 03 October 2002 20:04, Christopher Mahmood
> > 2) is there automatic update system like redhat's
> > up2date?
> Yes, it's called YOU.

Um, Chris, somebody who doesn't know SuSE would
probably think that you are being a smart-ass. As in,
"You are the update system, bucko, it's self-serve."
You could explain that YaST stands for "Yet Another Setup
Tool" (the major, comprehensive configuration and
system control tool of SuSE), and that the "YaST Online
Updater" (or YOU) is the semi-automatic update tool.

Or.... you could just let them go on thinking that yer
a smart-ass <g>

> > 3) how configurable is the installation process? i
> > kinda like to very carefully pick and choose what gets
> > installed and then compile kde from source.
> You can do that.
> > 4) what boot loader does it use? grub i hope...=)
> In 8.1, yes.

My 8.1 delivery hasn't arrived yet... Have they dropped
Or are they just featuring grub as well?
Which one are you offered if you just run the installer
and answer questions as they come up?

I tried Grub last year and didn't see what the fuss was
about, so I went back to lilo... but then I don't do
anything fancy, so I probably don't realize what I'm

> > 5) where can i get more detailed info about suse?
> > where can i find out info and comparisons about/between
> > all the major distros?
> Not sure what you're looking for but you may want to
> start here:
> > 6) cups the main print system?
> Yes.

Have they improved the ability of YaST print configuration
to reach out and find printers/servers on a network?
8.0 would only look in the local LAN segment/subnet,
and would not look past the nearest hub or bridge. It
also refused to let you type in the address of the hub in
your office LAN, behind which the printers and print-servers
actually lived. Such a simple thing. Tell me that they've
fixed it...?

Also --
When I insert the SuSE 8.1 DVD into my Pioneer DVD 114
or DVD 116... will it work?

It worked with 7.3, but not when I bought 8.0. Have they
sorted it out for 8.1? Or am I back to feeding CDs into
the machine?

Inquiring minds want to know.

** DIR-ty DEEDS, and they're DONE dirt cheap. (Sing it,

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