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Re: [SLE] bcm5700.o certified SuSE SMP driver issue
What is the format for that ifconfig command? Its been awhile since I
messed with setting that manually I am becoming too much of a gui whore.

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 14:53, Christopher Mahmood wrote:
> * Johnathan Bailes (johnathan.bailes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [021002 11:40]:
> > It is a cisco switch but I have even more information. All three boxes
> > after using the suse certified driver claim they cannot read the MAC
> > addr from NVRAM and they are using the default which is the same
> > address.
> Oh my. You'd think that would show up as an excessive number of
> collisions...strange. The docs mention a baspcfg tool that allows
> you to set the mac address on the card, maybe worth a shot.
> Otherwise you can do it with ifconfig.
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