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Re: [SLE] ISDN dial-on-demand in SuSE 8.0
On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 18:11, Thibaut Cousin wrote:
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> I know this would be better posted in suse-isdn, but I don't speak German...
> I'm using SuSE 8.0 pro on a K6 with the latest i4l updates (2002.7.31-0). My
> ISDN card is an ISA model (yeah, sorry), Gazel 753.
> The problem is the following: I have only one provider, configured through
> YaST2. I checked the "Automatic connection" option (loose translation, I'm
> using french version. It is for "dial-on-demand".) The SMPPPD server is up
> and running.
> The connection is etablished correctly if I use KInternet (i.e. manually),
> but the automatic part doesn't work.
> Is there a known bug with automatic ISDN connection? Or a trick?
> It did work OK with SuSE 7.3.
> Regards,
> Thibaut Cousin

Bonsoir Thibaut,

First, I do know some French, but this is an English list, so ...
Second, the Germans (normally, at lest they are supposed to) know
English (or they are that damn stoopid that they won't be able to answer
your question ... *haha*), so if you don't get a good answer here, then
try the SuSE-ISDN list in English ...
The problem should not be with the ISA card. I have got two boxen in my
two residences, both run SuSE 8.0, both run ISDN, both run Fritz!Card,
just that one box has got the Fritz PCI card, the other box has got a
Fritz ISA PnP card (1). OK, so far, this is just one little hint that
ISA don't hurt - at least it shouldn't *haha*

OK, so now let's finally go to work! Obviously YaST2 doesn't do its job
correctly. This is not nice, but we can get around this.
Check /etc/sysconfig/isdn/; since you only got one provider, you should
have only two files in there:

cfg-contr0 # that's for the card
cfg-net0 # that's for the connection / provider.

Edit the latter as root. Especially check this line:


Or whatever is in there. Overwrite it with "automatic", save the file
and restart ISDN, I don't remember the command right now. A reboot is
overkill, but it will definitely restart ISDN:-)
See what will happen then.

Salut! Wolfi

(1) the reason is, I got the ISA card for 15.-Euro, used, so that's a
cool price, and I could avoid buying a new card. And I do have two ISA
slots in one of my boxen (the older one. The newer one has got no more

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