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Re: [SLE] problems with KVM switches.. losing mouse control on 8.0
  • From: Magnus Hagebris <mhagebris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 15:08:36 -0700
  • Message-id: <3CCDC464.9070507@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have the same problem with SuSE 7.1. Intermittant, but some days are worse than others...
The funny thing is that my RH 6.2 machine never has these problems. It just keep on going and that is freaking me out....

I have the Belkin Omni View SE 4-port(using 2 banks).
And that kvm seem to work without the power supply. But I lost the mouse more often like that.

Speaking of the devil, I just lost my mouse typing these few lines...
Loosing the mouse without switching channel/bank are quite annoying. Especially when the X-server once and a while restarts while doing the tty1 -> tty7 thing...


Thomas Bishop wrote:
On Saturday 15 April 2000 01:28 am, Jon San Juan wrote:

I am using a multiple servers with a KVM switch and I find that I lose
control of my mouse as I return back to the SUSE 8.0 KDE. Are any you
experiencing the same thing. I have tried other mice and different KVM

-I am using a Belkin KVM switch with hot key functionality for changing
-I am using PS/2 mice

The only way I can stablize the mouse is if I return to YAST 2 and try to
re-configure the mouse when it is a problem... Otherwise I have been
rebooting to get the mouse stability.

This seems to be an *intermittant* problem for me, too. I usually just ctrl-alt-Fx before I switch from my linux box, and alt-F7 when I switch back., and everything is fine. This problem also existed with 7.2, depending on which machine I happened to be switching to, and what it was running. Switching to and from Win98 is *usually* not a problem. I am not using a Belkin, just a cheesemaster generic KVM switch. Sorry I'm not more help.

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