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Re: [SLE] Wait for 8.1?
  • From: andre <andre@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 04:49:32 +0200
  • Message-id: <3CCB633C.2090002@xxxxxxxx>
Patrick wrote:

On Saturday 27 April 2002 17:49, Anders Dahlqvist wrote:

/etc/sysconfig ?
Methinks a Red Hat-ism.
So what is the 8.0 equivalent to vi /etc/rc.config && SuSEconfig?
Please enlighten us below-8.0-users!



There is not really a rc.config anymore, it is gone! The /etc/sysconfig folder contains all of those things contained in the old rc.config, but in a more user friendly mode. Things are pretty easy to find and address now, rather than searching thru a very long rc.config file now. Each system item is a seperate file now, like hardware, keyboard, etc. As with any new thing, it will take a litte getting use too, but I think it will be a much better setup.


don't quite agree. everything is now in many different files
that have to be edited. (more work), I still haven't found
half the stuff I'm looking for.
I miss xine (will now have to hunt for all that is needed to
watch dvd's anyone know of a replacement for encrypted dvd
viewing ?)
kde3 rocks, new yast2 -- vastly improved, also having hasles
with gpg (as has been posted...) Lots of very nice eye candy
and much more difficult to configure without using yast2
There are still many mysteries to be solved and I foresee
many hours of fun trying to figure out where everything is and
what all the new files are for and doing my own compile on the
stuff I miss from 7.3 (and playing with the new opensource
goodies on 8.0)

Anyway thanks SuSE team for a well designed and stable 8.0 !!!



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