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Re: [SLE] Advice Needed re Home LAN, etc.
Whenever you want to know how to do something, it's a good idea to check out
the HowTo's. There's one for networking.

You will share files & printers both ways with her using Samba (remember the
HowTo?). And she will reach the internet through your machine via
"masquerading", which is a function of the firewall. (IPTables) I've always
used my own script for firewall, but I hear Suse's is good.

Suse has certain ways of doing things that are not like other Unices. So
always go through the Suse Helpcenter.

HowTo's are more generic *nix methods and procedures.

On Friday, 26 April 2002 16:08, you wrote:
> I am without a clue as to setting up a LAN. On the other hand, there are
> reasons why I will have to. The two computers run on different OSs, mine
> being on Linux and hers being on another kind, not to be named.
> Where can I get advice as to how to set up a home LAN (2 computers)
> attached through a telephone line to the Internet?
> Thanks
> dj tuchler

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