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Re: [SLE] Email Server III questions...
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From: "Michael Garabedian" Wednesday, April 24, 2002 9:47 PM
Subject: [SLE] Email Server III questions...

> ...I am getting a nice new eserver from IBM to put my nice
new package
> of Email Server III.
> Currently I am using Qmail 1.03 (A pain in the ass to take
care of)
> My Question for everyone is this.
> Qmail is currently configured to use Maildir/ structure.
> Everyone has an account on it, and that account dictates
the email
> addresses on Qmail
> Is Migration possible from a Maildir structure to a mbox
structure that
> Email Server III uses.(I am assuming that Postfix uses
mbox structure.)
> How about migrating all the user accounts and passwords.
Or does Suse
> Email Server III not create accounts in the system to
deliver mail.
> Am I off on some of my assumptions? If so please tell me.

eMail Server III uses Cyrus imap to store the mail. That
is neither mbox or maildir.

The only migration-tools I have seen, is from eMail Server
(and our new server got enourmos problems, when we
used that tool).

All mail-users is stored in a ldap-database and not as users
on the system. I am afraid, you have to enter all users
through a browser-interface :-(.

Morten Christensen

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